the storm in the ocean

Here is the place where I find myself. Under the half-sun and its half-light. I said, this is my life. And I want you to know that I’m both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure it out how that could be. Maybe earth laughs in flowers and cries in weeds. So I learned something about sadness after this day.

The sea always showed me insanity, was like a promise I didn't do. Like an open window, seven storeys high. And it was just as terrible and as beautiful at the same time.

And all his depth was holding me look like a storm cloud, like a thousand aquatic stars. But when my gaze drowns in the sea I can see the flowers and understand the weeds that were born within me - in this moment I breathe and I leave the silence float.

3 comentários so far

  1. Maybe all you need is some pure water to bloom... Because salty waters are no good for seeds.

  2. Eu sei nês, o que escrevi reflete o que sinto vivendo uma relação. Claro que se sente o amor de todas as maneiras, sozinho ou não. Às vezes tudo na mesma intensidade... Mas é como te digo, numa relação, para mim, é isso para que tudo seja vivido ao máximo.



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